With Potteric Carr Loans, you get more than just fast money. Taking up logbook loans through us offers you the opportunity to enjoy the lowest rates on the loan. Taking a loan on your car does not remove the need to get the best rates. As a company, we derive joy in pleasing our clients. Our reduced logbook loan rates are unmatched. Our unique structure has always offered a helping hand in enabling us tailor our logbook loan services to our clients.

Our loan rates are flexible and largely determined by the loan amount borrowed as well as the repayment period. The value of the car also has a role to play in the loan rates offered. This means that we have a sliding scale ratio in rates. Customers who borrow a small amount over a short period repay a lower rate when compared to those who take up a large sum over a longer time period. The rate you pay is dependant on the loan terms you sign up to. We have made every effort to put the interest rate amount you pay in your hands.

With the rates having been set, it is clear that Potteric Carr Loans cares about more than just the money. There are also other benefits other than low rates from Potteric Carr Loans. These include:

  • Fast lending decisions thus eliminating endless agonizing waiting periods.
  • High approval rates for loan applications. This means that your chances of getting a logbook loan are heightened when you use Potteric Carr Loans
  • There is no discrimination as to who can or cannot get a loan. People from all walks of life and with different financial histories are welcomed to apply for logbook loans.

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